Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

1.  Patent, trademark and anti-counterfeiting, anti-monopoly

(1)  Formulation and consultation of enterprise intellectual property strategic management and system

(2)  Enterprise intellectual property retrieval and analysis deliberation (FTO analysis), legal risk assessment and prevention

(3)  Domestic / international applications for patents and trademarks, as well as related administrative procedures such as reexamination, opposition and invalidation

(4)  Intellectual property operation and portfolio management, right pledge, license, transfer, license trade negotiation

(5)  Intellectual property infringement investigation, civil and criminal litigation

(6)  Intellectual property abuse related antitrust administrative investigation, handling procedure and civil dispute litigation

(7)  Administrative investigation procedure of intellectual property

(8)  Intellectual property customs record and administrative investigation

            (9)  Other legal affairs related to patents, trademarks, etc

      2. Copyright, database and cultural media

(1)  Copyright registration, authorization licensing, transfer, copyright trade and other legal affairs

(2)  Books, publishing, broadcasting, performing arts, audio-video, film and television works and other related copyright legal affairs

(3)  Copyright legal affairs related to the right of internet and mobile network

(4)  Legal protection, data and privacy protection of innovative technologies such as database and cloud computing

(5)  Innovative culture, sports, media companies' works development, production and distribution, publicity and communication, project investment and financing, derivatives trading and management, etc.

      (6)  Copyright related dispute resolution and litigation arbitration

3. Business / technical secrets and anti-unfair competition

(1)  Screening, management, and system construction of business / technical secrets of enterprises

     Comprehensive legal protection measures for business / technical secrets of enterprises

(2) Dispute resolution and civil litigation related to disclosure and infringement of business / technical secrets

(3) Criminal filing and litigation procedures related to disclosure and infringement of business / technical secrets

(4)  Unfair competition disputes and lawsuits related to infringement of trade secrets, improper use of others’ business marks, and unfair trade by taking advantage of dominant position, commercial bribery, false publicity, defamation of goodwill, etc.

      4. Domain name, e-commerce and franchise

(1)  Domain name registration and network related registration

(2)  Disputes and civil lawsuits related to domain name  cyber-squatting, domain name and enterprise name, trademark, etc.

(3)   Scheme planning, legal consultation, risk prevention and dispute settlement related to e-commerce

(4)  Other legal services related to domain name and e-commerce

(5)  Franchise legal consultation, operation management, qualification recordal and other related legal affairs

(6)  Various disputes and controversy resolution in the process of performance of franchise contract