Employment and Labor

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Employment and Labor
  1. Compliance audit of enterprise labor personnel

  2. Organize, review, modify and formulate labor rules and regulations

  3. Draft all agreements and documents related to labor and personnel management, including but not limited to labor contract, confidentiality and non-competition agreement, intellectual property protection agreement, training agreement, performance appraisal agreement and resignation agreement

  4. Design equity incentive scheme

  5. Deal with the dissolution and termination of the labor contract and the layoff of the enterprise

  6. Provide employee relationship solutions for enterprise restructuring, M & A, separation and liquidation

  7. Provide services of staff recruitment and pre-employment audit

  8. Design flexible employment plan (including labor dispatch, non-full-time employment and labor outsourcing)

  9. Provide social insurance, housing provident fund and welfare scheme

  10. Provide employment related services for foreigners in China

  11. Assist enterprises to set up trade union and staff congress

  12. Participate in labor negotiations and help solve collective disputes of enterprises

  13. Assist enterprises in negotiation and sign collective contracts

  14. Participate in the settlement of disputes, including mediation, as well as the arbitration and litigation of labor disputes and personnel disputes

  15. Provide open training on labor law and internal training