International Trade, WTO and Customs

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International Trade, WTO and Customs
  1.             Daily international trade contract, domestic trade contract drafting, modification and risk review, compliance review
  2. Foreign trade agency contract

  3. Collection of domestic and foreign accounts

  4. Framework design of bulk goods trade, contract drafting and dispute resolution

  5. Trade financing, letter of credit and letter of guarantee

  6. Chartering, bill of lading, maritime fraud, arrest of ship, seizure of goods, shipment and storage

  7. Commodity inspection, foreign exchange, customs and bonded zone affairs

  8. Customs Intellectual Property Protection

  9. Legal and tax solutions related to cross border e-commerce and other Internet Commerce

  10. Anti-dumping investigation

  11. Countervailing investigation

  12. New exporter review, interim review, administrative review and sunset review

  13. Investigation of safeguard measures

  14. WTO dispute settlement

  15. Trade barrier investigation

  16. US 337 survey