Mining, Energy and natural resources

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Mining, Energy and natural resources
  1. Investment, M & A and financing of oil, natural gas, LNG, coal and other energy projects

  2. Investment, merger, and financing of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral projects

  3. Investment, acquisition, and financing of power projects (hydropower, coal power, geothermal power, gas power, nuclear power, photovoltaic power, etc.)

  4. Carbon Asset Management and carbon trading

  5. Investment and construction of infrastructure related to energy and mining projects

  6. Establishment and standardized operation and legal risk control of energy and mining joint venture

  7. Private placement of energy and mining enterprises, establishment, investment and management operation of PE Fund

  8. Initial public offering of shares of energy and mining enterprises or refinancing of listed companies

  9. Dispute resolution of energy and mineral resources enterprises (litigation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration, etc.)

  10. Daily legal consultant and consultation of energy and mining enterprises