Securities and Capital Markets

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Securities and Capital Markets
  1. Equity capital market

  2. Restructuring and reorganization before listing

  3. Pre IPO private financing

  4. Domestic and overseas IPO

  5. Refinancing of listed companies (including stocks, convertible bonds, bond depository receipts, REITs and other financing tools)

  6. Going public by buying a shell at home and abroad

  7. Acquisition, merger, separation, major asset restructuring, delisting, and re-listing of listed companies

  8. Stock splits, repurchase, and governance structure of listed companies

  9. The design of management incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan

  10. Continuous information disclosure after listing

  11. Establishment and asset management of securities investment fund

  12. Bond capital market

  13. Corporate bonds

  14. Enterprise bonds

  15. Financial bonds

  16. Short term financing bonds