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  1. Establishment of Limited Liability Company and Establishment of a joint-stock limited company

  2. Establishment of a partnership

  3. The whole change of the limited liability company to a joint-stock limited company

  4. Equity transfer and equity acquisition

  5. Capital increase of the company

  6. Division of the company

  7. Company merger (merger, absorption and merger, consolidation)

  8. Company restructuring

  9. Liquidation of the company

  10. The bankruptcy of the company

  11. Bankruptcy reorganization

  12. Business architecture design and tax planning

  13. Participate in strategic decision-making of the company

  14. Corporate governance

  15. Family business governance

  16. Formulation of articles of Association (partnership agreement) and various internal systems

  17. The shareholders (general) board, the board of directors, the board of supervisors, and management shall operate in a standardized way

  18. Directors and executives' responsibilities

  19. Protection of shareholders' rights and interests

  20. Design of the company's equity structure and partner system

  21. Equity incentive, including the design of equity incentive system for management and employees

  22. The annual legal counsel of the company

  23. Comprehensive legal risk management

  24. Legal risk management of single business module or management module